Ecole du Patrimoine Africain

Établissement universitaire de 2ème cycle à vocation internationale, spécialisé dans la conservation et la médiation du patrimoine culturel tangible et intangible.

Vision, mission and values
Article published on 30 August 2013
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Our vision:

To be a reference in the service of African cultural heritage.
Our vision of museums:

Académie des Fées, Aguda exhibition

Museums open to a wide public where social problems are raised and discussed; a leisure area for children, young people and adults; media museums, agora museums which mirror Africa’s past and present cultures and propose a synthesis of those of the future.
Our mission:

To contribute to the dignity of Africans through the aknowledgment of the value of their cultural heritage.

Our objectives:

Centred on the promotion of immovable and movable objects, as well as the natural habitat which make up the cultural heritage, EPA intends to:

Reinforce the network of African professionals capable of ensuring the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage
Suggest to African audiences programmes enabling them to rediscover their cultural heritage
Promote the carrying out of socio-economic development projects which include the safeguarding and enhancement of cultural heritage
Contribute to the publishing and diffusion of publications specialised in African cultural heritage

Our values:

A taste for work well done and a constant search for excellence.
Adherence to the ethics as laid down in the Code of Professional Ethics of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

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« Un musée, pour être vraiment ouvert à tous, doit être édifié au cœur de la cité. » Le Corbusier

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